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The Custom Process

Chuck Sullivan Homes will meet with you to discuss your home design preferences. We evaluate your property to determine the site parameters. We explain all the advantages of our business model. We then can create a detailed preliminary budget based on similar homes. We commit to a builder fee based on these assumptions. At no cost to you, you now have all the information you need to decide if you want to proceed. Once you enter into a contract with CSH, we work together in designing your new home.

The next step entails interviewing an architect well versed in your selected architectural style. CSH has relationships with several architects or can meet with an architect of your choosing. We assemble all of the information the architect needs to prepare a proposal to design your home. We will also help you select a qualified and reasonably priced professional engineer. The engineer will prepare a preliminary site plan. Now we have all the information needed to begin the concept design.

The concept design is an important collaborative phase of the process as you decide how your custom home will suit your current and future lifestyle. The architect will create sketches of the floor plans and the exterior elevations. CSH will be with you all the way, offering input on material selections, practical issues, and re-sale considerations. The client continues to provide direction and explore options until they are happy with the floor plans and elevations. CSH continues to evaluate costs to advise if the project is still within the preliminary budget.

After the client approves the concept plans, the construction drawings are prepared by the architect and the engineer. CSH follows up with the many details involved with home building so the client can begin focusing on more specific design issues such as the kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces, doors, and windows. CSH has a professional team of subcontractors and suppliers familiar with custom homes that are specifically selected for your project. We can now schedule meetings with some of these subcontractors at your convenience to begin making material selections. CSH will continue to provide recommendations for every selection based on our experience with cost, maintenance, reliability, and practicality.

Once the construction plans are completed, CSH will obtain bids from all the subcontractors and suppliers. We prepare a detailed bid package that specifies all the materials and the scope of work. Options that interest you are separated out, allowing you to select options and stay within your budget. CSH does not mark up any bids or have any hidden profit centers; the client always knows the true cost and controls the budget. A reliable construction schedule can now be determined.

As bids are received, CSH will make recommendations on each subcontractor and supplier. Once the subcontractor is selected, CSH works with the client to clarify all the specifications and materials. We use proven procedures that prioritize decisions in an organized manner so you are not overwhelmed. Once all the selections have been made by the client, and all the cost implications are known, the contracts are awarded.

CSH handles all permits, contracts, invoices, and site supervision. Your only invoice is from CSH. Because we only build a few homes a year, we are able to build your home with more attention to quality, keep an efficient schedule, and ensure you are informed of the costs so you can stay within your budget. Maintaining excellent community relations during the construction phase is also very important to us. We pride ourselves on our successful record. Your neighbors will appreciate our efforts.

When your new home is completed, we provide a 5-year limited service warranty. CSH delivers superior warranty service and has a spotless record with all previous clients. Every client is our next referral. Our reputation and integrity speak for themselves. Now allow your home to speak for you. Thank you for the opportunity to become your custom builder.


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